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#17. “Do you want to save your family?”

I thought I’d add another ghostly anime.

Bleach 600: Snipe



i found this pict in google japan,

and i’m so fucking loud of laugh..


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Above: PASH! Nov 2014: a recap of the season’s memorable scenes, feat. interview w/ director; Below: Prince Animage 2014 Autumn: feat. interview w/ Nakamura Yuuichi and Okamoto Nobuhiko)

You are more than welcome to translate the pages If you have difficulty reading the text, I am happy to share the raw scans with you.

Scan request currently open.


"Nakamura Yuuichi is MINE. Back off!" — the literal translation ^^” its the most sarcastic words from ever cheerful Sugita Tomokazu I ever heard.

In the end if its regarding Nakamura Yuuichi, Sugita also can be a little bit short tempered and possessive ^_^ 

Happy 34th Birthday Sugita Tomokazu! Wish you forever happy life and friendship with Nakamura Yuuichi :D



Happy birthday to Sugita Tomokazu ( for the first time i made it in japanese time zone (・∀・) )

I’m not sure if its still his phone screen but Im going to post it anyway ^3^

That was nakamura many years ago , i have no idea how much . 

5 pics of Sugitan being his adorkable self




"When I first found out I’ll be playing the important role of Gintoki, I wanted to prove myself to the awesome senpai around me as fast as I could. So I did a lot of show-off. But it shouldn’t be like that. It should be more… Gintoki lives with a lot of people’s support, and there are more important things when it comes to playing the main character. When I started thinking this way, I think I started to change. One person fighting alone can only obtain answers that belong to himself. If that’s the case, the show won’t be as funny. This is what I learned from playing Gintoki. …I’ll move on to battle from now on, because the character has a strong personality. There’s times when you can’t be bound by the character himself. If I have the chance to play Gintoki again, I’ll correct my mistakes and use the other experiences in my life to play a better Gintoki. Or maybe these things don’t have much meaning when it comes to playing Gintoki. Whether it’s good or not, it’s for the audience to decide. (x)” Sakata Gintoki’s seiyuu - Sugita Tomokazu